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Crystal bracelets


Diffuser Bracelets

All bracelets has benefit, and hidden Numerology as well. To customise these bracelets to fit different wrist sizes and add various beads

15cm $17.99
Yellow Jade 8mm, multi colour lava stones
15.5cm $17.99
Orange Jade 8mm & Carnelian 8mm, multi colours lava stones
14.5cm $17.99
Kunzite 6mm, white lava stones
14.5cm $17.99
Rose Quartz 8mm, multi colour lava stones
Amethyst 8mm, multi colour lava stones
17cm $17.99
Howlite 8mm, blue & black lava stones
15.5cm $17.99
White argate 6mm, lava stone
16cm $17.99
Turquoise 6mm, lava stones
SOLD Different type available
Alll 8mm, Clear quartz, Amethyst, aquamarine, Aventurine, Yellow jade, Carnelian, lava stones
15cm $19.99
Tiger's eye 8mm, lava stones
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Amethyst 8mm, multi colour lava stones