Massage treatment for Men

How is your busy head? Would you like someone to soothe that busy mind and emotion and apply BALM to your congested thoughts? 

​I have introduced two treatments - Zen Dry Head Spa  and Access Bars - designed to specifically target and release build up tension, emotion and stress. 

​Truly balm for the busy brain, can really help you look after your mental health as it helps you to simply stop, clear away your worries and strengthen your mind to focus on the everyday goals and challenges. I hope you keep on top of your physical and mental well-being!!

- Pricing -

  • 60 mins $90

  • Including Foot bath if you need (in your session)

  • Health Fund Rebates apply for massage serivice

Mind Bliss/ Brain Rest

This Japanese head massage focus the neck, head and face, is designed to stimulate the meridians to let go off muscular tension held in the scalp and face. Reducing this pent-up tension will calm the nervous system, release positive endorphins, improve blood flow, exfoliate the skin and leave your body feeling relaxed and deeply calm.  


​You will receive neck, shoulder & decollate massage* using calming oils, and dry head massage including to pressure on head & face.

*ZEN is basically searching for the truth of who you are.

*This massage is not deep tissue.

Perfect for: 

​Re-focus, mind relaxation, helping to balance emotions, deeper sleep, relief of tiredness and lethargy, relief of sore and tired eyes, refresh eyes and mind.

Mind Cleaning 

This is the brain relaxation through an energy healing. 

The Bars is a process of lightly touching 32 points on your head which has been found to help remove the redundant thoughts, beliefs, judgments and points of view you've accumulated that are holding you back. It's rather like cleaning up the hard drive of your mental computer. 


At worst you may feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life may change into something greater, with total ease, as you've undone limitation in all aspects of your life. You will experience your awareness!

The purpose is to release data that does not need to be accumulated in the brain. Therefore, there is no reading and there is no explanation before and after the session. 

More ideas about Access Bars

Best for:

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduce head chatting 

  • Clearing blocks around issues that are preventing you from moving forward

  • No longer being affected by people & situations

  • Shifting relationship trauma and drama

  • Relief from depression or fatigue

  • And so much more


75 mins $120

Gently massage both hands and under the elbows. After the brain noise has been washed away, you will also be able to wash away any clues that are being overworked by your desk work. 

: Zen Dry Head Spa and Hand massage.


75 mins $120

This is a powerful relaxation short package from 'Top & Toes'. Foot Reflexology is not just help to relieve aching and tired feet, it also leaves you feeling completely chill out, relaxes your body and clear your stressed-out brain especially after a hard day at work.

:  Zen Dry Head Spa & Foot reflexology 


We want you to feel relaxed deeply, de-stressed and healthy mind, body and spirit.

Effected 20 Oct 2019

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