"Look after my body"


I always thought I'd just book massages as I needed them. But 3 sessions package has helped me think more about really looking after my body and thus mind. It kept me connected with Manami and myself. I loved the continuity and will book again.

"Back to normal"


“I can open my eyes wide again!” This was the first thing I reaslised after therapy. I had puffy eyelids for a while, and they became normal to me. The night I had quality sleep. Head spa helped me to clear my head. The next morning, my stiff shoulders were disappeared. I thought it was because of my age. Now I can move my arms without pain. Thanks Manami.

"Stress and any tention has gone!"


I have been seeing Manami for a regular massage for about 5 years and I find that at the end of every session my stress and any tension has gone! Her lovely, caring and attention manner puts me totally at ease.

"Instant stress relief"


I was introduced to Manami about 5 years ago by a friend. She told me she was an amazing remedial massage therapist. Manami has not failed me. The instant stress relief after just one of her massages was amazing. I will never go to anyone else now I have found her. She has a beautiful nature about her and I wish I could visit her weekly. Thanks Manami.

"Professionalism and knowledge of a wide range of techniques"


Since 2011 my fortnightly massages with Manami have become an absolute highlight for me. As a long distance runner and cyclist Manami's deep tissue techniques have become an essential part of routine. Manami has created an incredibly relaxing environment, which together with her incredible deep tissue techniques take away all the stress but also remove all the training aches and pain, as well as the knots and gnarls that long working hours in front of a computer leave ingrained in my neck and back. From time to time I have suffered injuries and Manami's professionalism and knowledge of a wide range of techniques have been integral to a fast recovery and return to training. Whether you are looking for therapeutic treatment or total relaxation, I would whole heartedly recommend Manami as a massage therapist.

Relieve stress


I have been going to Manami for over three years now. She always listens to me and attends to areas where I have pain. Additionally she is perceptive and able to massage areas in my head and neck that relieve stress.
I always leave the studio feeling better. She is very caring and professional. "

"Professional, calm and restorative"


Manami's healing will touch your mind, body and soul. Her kind, caring approach will have at ease, her attention to detail will allow you to feel personally taken care of, her body therapies are professional, calm and restorative. 

Manami's treatment flows beautifully, is the perfect pressures and combination to feel renewed and ready to face the world again. I highly recommend Manami's healing touch.

"Good sleep"


Before I received Head therapy, I could not sleep well because non stop head chatting and feel depressed. Manami's touch was firm and gentle, so I felt comfortable and my body also felt sink in the massage bed and I fell asleep! After receiving it, my body could not get up. However, the body and head were refreshed.

In the evening, I was thirsty, got a little more calm than usual and I had a good sleep!

I would like to recommend this Head therapy for busy people who are suffering insomnia and depression.

"Refreshed and clear minded"


Head massage felt so gentle, I felt the hard scalp became softer after the session. And I am also refreshed, clear minded and physically as well!

Facial Massage did not just treat the surface of the skin as in beauty Facial Massage, it was actually a muscle massage! I never had that type of Facial Massage ever! It was working on the part of the face that I did not usually concern. My facial muscles from the cheek to the chin were stiff, pain but it was pleasant feeling.

After session, Manami said to me “Your face got slimmer and slimmer." And indeed, before checking in the mirror, I touched my face with both hands and clearly I felt it become slim! It is! I wish I had taken pictures before and after the procedure, regret and regret lol.

I would like to receive both regularly. Thank you very much ♪

"Far more than I imagined"


I didn’t know what to expect but it was far more than I imagined. I have been suffering from work stress, stiffness shoulder and old injury pain on my ankle all the time.  Her massage was gentle but firm and felt comfortable. Now I feel at ease and relaxed, shoulder feels very lights and the pain caused by the injury has gone! I love this bodywork and can't wait to receive it again. 

"I could walk more easily"


I received a Body and Facial sessions each week for 3 weeks. I knew that my back pain was caused by my body distortion. I did not think I had problems walking before the first session, but after the first treatment, I felt that I could walk more easily and that my feet were able to move in front of each other more smoothly.

After the 1st Facial massage session, I felt that my face got more shape and definition!

After the 2nd Body session, I thought there was also still distortion of the body. It is quite difficult to take away bad habits of the body.

During the 2nd Facial session I had a comfortable sleep, even though it was muscle Facial Massage. After the session, my face was smaller and I was so happy that my husband could notice it too!!

After the 3rd Body session, I felt the pain was decreased, and the distortion became little. I was also quite satisfied with the Facial session for the mouth line became thin.

I'd like to try to receive a regular body maintenance so that a bad habit may be cured and that my face also be happy to keep looking good.

"Clearing away toxins"


After Hawaiian bodywork, the skin on my face and body felt so good because my lymph system is clearing away toxins and my metabolism is getting better.

"Free of toxin"


I could sleep so well with my son because my body is free of toxin. I was so surprised, as the skin tone of my face is now so shiny. Prior to the treatment my skin had been so terrible. I would love to try the 90 minute body treatment next time!

"Manami knows exactly what she is doing"


Manami creates a comfortable environment for her clients. Every time I visit her clinic I feel relaxed before I even have a treatment. Nothing compares. Manami's professionalism and wholehearted commitment to creating an exceptional experience for her clients means that I always leave feeling amazing. Manami knows exactly what she is doing and I am so lucky to have met her.

Thank you Manami.

"Genuine service"


She is very welcoming. I always feel relaxed and re-energised after her massage. A genuine  service that is the best I have had so far. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now!

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