I was born and have spent most of my working life in Japan. While working as an office worker in Japan, I suffered from stiffness  of the neck and shoulders. I also later experienced fatigue and stiffness of the neck and shoulders while helping family members as a caretaker. 


To treat this, I received and experienced many different types of treatment, especially Eastern medicine. I also began to experiment on practicing my own self care to address my aliments.  These experiences brought me to believe that the mind and body are connected.


I became a client of a wellness practitioner in Japan and this experience made me eager to learn more about the harmony of Body/Mind/Spirit.

After moving to Australia, I obtained a professional license. I have combined both Eastern and Western treatments, using various methods to provide a personalised and best fit approach for each client. This is called ‘Omakase’ in Japanese.


I have studied the following modalities:


In Japan

Japanese style Reflexology / Osteopathy style work (including Shiatsu). Kinesiology / 


In Australia

Cert IV Massage Practice / Diploma of  Remedial Massage Therapy / Diploma of Aromatherapy / Dry Needling / KaHuna Body work / Reiki Level1&2 / Chakra healing / Access Bars/ MTVSS. / Completed Quantum Touch Level1

I am very passionate about helping and supporting people achieve their goal of creating a healthy lifestyle and well-being through a holistic approach. I use methods which take into consideration each person’s body/mind/spirit and emotions, not just their physical symptoms.

I am continuing my professional development by learning new skills and honing my technique. 


I also enjoy Japanese calligraphy, Origami and Karate as mindfulness practices.

I look forward to treating and to empowering you to take charge of your own healing!  Clearing and improving the quality of your life and recharging your “batteries”.

My practice of mindfulness & wellness 


Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper to create models of plants, animals, daily-use tools etc......

I enjoy touching paper texture, seeing color and recreating real items into many paper things. It was my dream to make a hand made Dolls House without any plastic. 

​Origami helps to develope 'touch' sense of my hands. 

 So, doing origami practice, I am receiving so much benefits form Origami practice.

Japanese Calligraphy is also known as shodo, is the art of writing by hand to create letters like Kanji or Kana letters using a brush dipped in ink. It's a beautiful art form. It is not just art, it also one of mindfulness practice and meditation. I have obtained the grading of “Godan” (fifth rank).). 

My passion in folding has continued and grown. I enjoying creating novelty cards, origami decorations and writing Japanese calligraphy as possible as I can for my well-being!

Origin of clinic name ' Studio Mana'

'Mana" is a spiritual power that flows through the universe. When you possess great mana, your body, mind, and spirit radiate health and wholeness. For your mana to become more active!