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​Body Treatment

Professional, calm and restorative


Manami's healing will touch your mind, body and soul. Her kind, caring approach will have at ease, her attention to detail will allow you to feel personally taken care of, her body therapies are professional, calm and restorative. 

Manami's treatment flows beautifully, is the perfect pressures and combination to feel renewed and ready to face the world again. I highly recommend Manami's healing touch.

Manami knows exactly what she is doing


Manami creates a comfortable environment for her clients. Every time I visit her clinic I feel relaxed before I even have a treatment. Nothing compares. Manami's professionalism and wholehearted commitment to creating an exceptional experience for her clients means that I always leave feeling amazing. Manami knows exactly what she is doing and I am so lucky to have met her.

Thank you Manami

Look after my body


I always thought I'd just book massages as I needed them. But 3 sessions package has helped me think more about really looking after my body and thus mind. It kept me connected with Manami and myself. I loved the continuity and will book again.

​Energy Healing

chakura testmon

Lower back pain free (2 sessions)

K.L  NSW Australia

I did a remote healing session with Manami as we live in NSW. Was very relaxed throughout the session at my home. Focussed on my intention for being pain free. A peaceful feeling was felt during the majority of the healing. Some old past frustrations and negative feelings did surface during the healing and I just let them pass quickly and kept focussing on relaxing.

I slept really well that night and the next day my lower back was pain free. I had to sort of wiggle around as I couldn’t get over that the pain was gone! I had the pain previously for 15 months due to sport.  So very grateful to Manami for this incredible experience.

Daily frustrations of raising children

T.E.  America

I’ve never had an energy session before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but at first I felt a tingling in both ankles and about half way through I started to yawn and feel sleepy. Later, in Manami's message, she mentioned that she felt I might have relaxed as we approached the middle of the session, which was exactly what happened! I was surprised.


After the session, I had a sense of peace and calmness.

We had a video chat before the session and I felt Manami's generosity and I felt at ease and surrendered to her.

Quantum touch that the highest and best things happen. I would highly recommend you to receive it!

Relief of chronic neck pain

S.T.  Japan

I can notice that the energy is flowing into both my entire body as well as the neck base and also my body feels so much better.

Especially at the base of my neck. I used to have a headache, but now I don't even notice it.

Thank you very much!

I would like to have another treatment.

Yoshie    Brunei

I signed up for a session to help heal my uterus that had been removed and to become more aware of myself instead of being so busy and surrounded.


The awareness and healing started when I signed up for the session!


After the first healing, I had a headache, my shoulders were heavy and I had the feeling that something that had not been released was coming up, so I thought I should have this done again.

I thought it would be better to have it done again, so I asked for it.


I fell asleep during the second session!  Immediately after the session I was still not perfect, but the next day I was so refreshed that I said, 'What was that pain? I felt so refreshed the next day!

Please feel free to take a QT session as a way to give yourself a break sometimes, or give yourself the gift of a break. Just do it and see!

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