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Manami combines a various methods both Eastern/Western, using to provide the best fit, personalized therapy for each client needs. It is called ‘OMAKASE’ in Japanese.
Specializes in the following conditions:
・Stiffness & pain neck / shoulder
・Chronic Fatigue (Caregiver fatigue, Adrenal fatigue)
・Anxiety & depression
・Insomnia and Sleeplessness
Manami has noticed that her clients has the same symptoms but different causes, and how emotional stresses manifest in the physical body on her clinical & personal experiences.  She believes that ‘the body and mind are connected so much!’. 

Her passion is to inspire health and happiness through wholeness & harmony through holistic approach which is considered whole person body/mind/spirit and emotions not just your physical symptoms.
Her clients leave the studio feeling relaxed, along with a sense of balance and well-being.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."
- Lao Tzu 


Unwind & relax deeply with firm and soothing soft tissue massage session.
Your session is designed to your individual needs such as :

relieving sore/pain/stiffness neck/shoulder & back

・release chronic fatigue & dairy stress

・improved sleep

・​muscle & tension release

・reduce anxiety & depression

・​energize & lift up your body/mind/spirit


This therapeutic massage blends Remedial techniques, KaHuna Body Work(Hawaiian), Aromatherapy and Swedish massage with sound healing.

Most people will experience a deep relaxing sleep during the session, accompanied with relief to the nervous system and a release of fatigue from the body and mind.

60 minutes  A$90 / 90 minutes  A$130 *(price will be changed on July 2024) 

Manami will adjusting the session to suit your body and its particular needs today.  

Mind/Body/Spirit Maintenance

60 mins x 3 sessions in 3 months A$250   (pre-paid)

90 mins x 3 sessions in 3 months A$370    (pre-paid)


If you want to take care of yourself more often or suffering chronic symptoms, this package session is for you. It's time to commit to looking after yourself.

Please read through our terms and conditions before you make an appointment for your massage.

Health fund rebates are NOT available

Covid-19 safe policy

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