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Chakras are energetic centers within the body which align vertically with the spine and are close to major nerve centers in the body. There are seven main chakras and hundreds of minor chakras in the body and they are thought to take subtle energy and transform it into lower frequency energy for the body to use. Each chakra is associated with organs, endocrine glands and specific awareness within the body.
When a chakra is not functioning at its optimal level, imbalances on physical and emotional levels can be seen. In some cases, a chakra may be under-active with not enough energy running through it and in others it can be overactive with too much energy being drawn in. You do not need to focus on how the chakra is imbalanced, rather just focusing on the chakra itself can be helpful.
Recommend it for;
・If you feel tense, anxious or angry in your daily life, or if you feel that your energy is sluggish. 
・Want to change your state of mind. Want to challenge yourself to do something you want to do.
・I am interested in chakra assessment
・I want to know what foodstuffs and actions are necessary for my body at the moment and utilize them.
・I am interested in Chakra healing.
What the assessment will determine.
How you can work on your chakras, what essential oils support you, what to eat, and your lucky colours, etc.
How to assess:
The chakra assessment sheet is emailed to you in advance and you have to reply with your answers.
On the day of the session, a chakra healing (body massages & crystal healing) will be performed and some advice will be given on the state of chakra balance.
Online sessions are also available.
If it is difficult to go out or you live too far away to have a face-to-face session, you can still have a chakra balancing session if you have an internet connection.

60 minutes  A$ 90

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