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About me

Manami Takahashi

​Holistic Therapist

I was born and have spent most of my working life in Japan. While working as an office worker in Japan, I suffered from stiffness of the neck and shoulders, headaches and experienced medial error. I also later experienced fatigue and stiffness of the neck and shoulders while helping family members as a caretaker. 

To treat this, I received and experienced many different types of treatment, especially Eastern medicine. I also began to experiment on practicing my own self care to address my aliments.  These experiences brought me to believe that the mind and body are connected.
I became a client of a wellness practitioner in Japan and this experience made me eager to learn more about the harmony of Body/Mind/Spirit.
After moving to Australia, I obtained a professional license. I have combined both Eastern and Western treatments, using various methods to provide a personalised and best fit approach for each client.
I have studied the following modalities:
In Japan
Japanese style Reflexology / Osteopathy style work (including Shiatsu). Kinesiology.
In Australia
Cert IV Massage Practice / Diploma of  Remedial Massage Therapy / Aromatherapy / KaHuna Body work / Reiki Level1&2 / Chakra healing / Access Bars/ MTVSS. / Quantum Touch®︎/Astrology
I am very passionate about helping and supporting people achieve their goal of creating a healthy lifestyle and well-being through a holistic approach. I use methods which take into consideration each person’s body/mind/spirit and emotions, not just their physical symptoms.
I am continuing my professional development by learning new skills and honing my technique. 
I also enjoy Japanese calligraphy, Origami and Karate as mindfulness practices.
I look forward to treating and to empowering you to take charge of your own healing!  Clearing and improving the quality of your life and recharging your “batteries”

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