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Organic Tea

During face-to-face body treatments and consultations, I also try to soothe the client's senses.

I am particular about the music played during the session, the aromatic scents and the lighting, and I served herbal tea for taste. (Before the Covid pandemic)

After the session, the herbal tea helps to drain away the unwanted fluid.

Enjoy the tea slowly, relieve and restore. It is relaxing and refreshing.

I tried a lot of different store-bought teas, but I couldn't find one that felt right, so I decided to have an original tea blend made. This is the tea that we made.

It is a blend of Benifuuki tea from Shizuoka, Japan and Lemon Myrtle, a native species of Queensland, Australia. Both tea leaves are organically grown in rich soil, clean air and water.

The lemon myrtle was made after many trials, as the taste changes depending on how the leaves are cut. This tea supports overall health by relieving allergies, improving immunity, improving skin health and maintaining good health. Taste Characteristics: It shares the flavour of black and green tea, with the gentle freshness of lemon myrtle. Ingredients: Benifuki (green tea), Lemon Myrtle (lemon) 50g $18 *

*Available at our clinic only


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