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Western astrology creates a horoscope based on your date, time and place of birth.

Also known as the 'blueprint of the soul', the horoscope is inscribed with messages from the ten solar system planets that are necessary for you make your own destiny.

The crystals containing these messages are joined together as 'star drops' to create your personalised bracelet. These crystals can be used to amplify, protect or augment the positive energies in your natal chart, making it easier for your positive characteristics to shine through.

Just as a drop of water brings together, becomes a river and flows into the ocean, so when 'star drops' are bound together, a great energy can be generated.

The bracelets are made with Reiki and Quantum Touch energy healing to harmonise the connected crystals while maximising the energy of each drop, and are handed over after the crystals have been activated.

The hands are the place to receive and give.

Wearing an activated 'Star Drops' crystal bracelet on your wrist will allow you to receive honestly what you need and give positive energy to those around you.

It is one amulet that will always remind you that the world around you is created by you.

Price A$66


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