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Roll on

Six magical potion blends ‘Shizuku’ from aromatherapist Mana. Made into an easy to carry roll-on to embrace you at any time of the day.

In Australia, the UK and Germany (countries with advanced alternative therapies), aromatherapy is used not only for relaxation purposes, but also to enhance natural healing power, balance hormones, the autonomic nervous system and as a relieving care of pain and other symptoms. The scent of essential oils is delivered to the brain in 0.2 seconds and can heal your mind and body in an instant. After receiving your order, we carefully blend organic essential oils, jojoba oil and dried flowers with affirmations.

Mana's six magical potion blends

No1: Star drops essential oil blend 

A blend that brings out the best of each of the 12 zodiac signs. Best for when you want to remember your mission and be who you are.

No2: Woman's blend 

This blend helps to regulate hormonal balance in harmony with the changes in a woman's body. Recommended when you want to be a woman, full of joy and serenity. It is also good for women's health.

No3. Calm & Peace Blend 

Ideal for people who are constantly thinking in their minds in their busy daily lives. It eases irritability and restores the importance of time spent calmly.

No4. Positive blend 

This blend gently supports you when you want to nourish your depressed mind. It is also ideal when you want to work hard and set things off.

No5. Breathing blend 

A must-have blend during hay fever season. Perfect for when you need to clear a stuffy nose or clear your head. Also recommended for students taking exams and for improving focus while studying.

No6. Muscle-soothing blend 

Massage is good for chronic stiff shoulders, but the power of essential oils is effective. For relief from stiffness.


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